Accessibility and development for
the re-launch of the inner Adriatic area



(Italiano) 21 Aprile 2015

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23 October 2014

Final project’s conference in Trieste – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

16th September 2014

Last meeting of the Metropolitan Forum-OPEN TO THE AUDIENCE

11th July 2014

6th Steering committee of the project. Trieste; head of FVG Region

29th May 2014

(Italiano) Terza seduta del Forum Metropolitano a Monfalcone

8th April 2014

technical meeting on cruising flows

26th February 2014

Mid-term conference open to the public

20 January 2014

Presentation of the multimedia exhibition at the Municipality of Trieste

13th December 2013

Presentation of the feasibility studies done by FVG-RFI; CEI headquarters, TS

11 May 2013

Pilot train Train to Europe

15 April 2013

meeting on railway missing links on Italian side

11 December 2012

5th Steering committee of the project

23 October 2012

the LP is organizing the 4th steering committee of the project

12 October 2012

Project’s presentation in the framework of the 44th Barcolana

6 September 2012

meeting on WP6

14 May 2012

second meeting on WP2

7 May 2012

Technical meeting on WP2

26 January 2012

technical seminar on airport sinergies_ Airport of Ljubljana

22nd December 2011

third steering committee – Slovenian Minsitry of Transport, Ljubljana

7 November 2011

Institution of the Technical council